Promotional conditions

  1. The fides shop gives you access to discounts of up to 70% on day trips and products.
  2. The offers on the fides shop cannot be used in combination with other offers from other providers for amusement parks, zoos, theatre, wellness centres and restaurants, and is valid subject to availability. ON = ON.
  3. Ticket prices quoted include VAT.
  4. Purchased tickets via the fides shop cannot be changed, such as the date on the ticket.
  5. Purchased tickets via the fides shop may not be resold to third parties or otherwise provided to third parties
    directly or indirectly in a commercial manner.For information on the delivery time of tickets, the participant should consult the respective offer.
  6. Offers displayed on the fides-shop reserve the right to exclude certain days from availability.
  7. Upon reasonable suspicion of fraud or abuse, the organiser, its agents and distributors have the right to withdraw or block purchased tickets.
  8. No compensation is applicable for lost, stolen or damaged the fides-shop codes and/or tickets.
  9. By using the fides-shop, you agree to the terms and conditions.
  10. Organiser of the action: Touch Promotions B.V., Escudostraat 2, 2991XV Barendrecht. Chamber of Commerce: 57705240